QuestOnion Busyness Dissolutions

The Quest to End All Quests

Gerald McCulla
Cordialist Entredoneur, Certified Mental Gymnast, Existential Detective

Bear with me, this is a hacky version (ripped straight out of Elixir Phoenix framework app so i can play and learn this.)

(After years of sitting on this, i just have to get something out there)
Here at QuestOnion Busyness Dissolutions,
Perfect is No Longer Good Enough.

How We work

You, individual or group co-investigator(s), contact me, over e-mail, phone, Zoom, etc., with a case: something in your life that keeps coming up which you'd like to unwind or get a new perspective on. Then We either meet in person (i'm in the Phoenix Metropolitan area) or try to figure out how to stretch our creative muscles to Zoomify any of this.

  1. 1) We meet for coffee -- on *behalf* of coffee: to set coffee free! -- dialogue, discussing your basic working metaphysics

    Let's establish some common working language and deconstruct a couple of cultural myths in the process!
    1. What's in a name?
    2. How many selves have We?
    3. Who am us anyway?
    Or whatever!

  2. 2) We get right on the case, deciding what kind of busyness to attend to. (Meaning-making exercise!)

  3. Examples:
    1. HoloDynamic Journalling -- j/k i just made that name up but if i dare Google it, someone got there first with something surely creepier! Basically free-associate. If it makes too much sense, scramble the words and redo! We can both write sh*t together. Then when We get down to the "zero-order" pattern at the bottom of things, examine and re-find meaning(s) together!

    2. Cut out one hundred circles out of colored construction paper. Note What Arises. Hey, you came to me to use Busyness to dissolve your Busyness.

    3. Become the Prometheus of your Imaginal Realms, boldly stealing fire from your Vision out on the Wing, to bring back to humankind! (i.e., Draw or make a song out of a recent dream ; )

    4. "Peace Train" Challenge -- i have to get on Phoenix Light Rail and sing Cat Stevens' "Peace Train" at the top of my lungs, and see if We can get more than two-person cha-cha train going. Pick this one because i'm *terrified* to do it! One time offer: video of first winning co-participant goes here

    5. Spirit Walk: We stroll along one of the Valley's Canals, the arterial lifeblood of the Valley of the Sun for the past 800 - 3000 years; considering our lives downstream of Huhugam Who Come "Before" and how our own ancestors entangle with them in a present braid of living roots. Walk the path as contemplative labyrinth, leaving behind "the grid plan" for an hour, yet never losing our way.

    6. Costumer Surfaces Department: Learning to sew a shirt -- You buy some Fabric at Joann's; We mess up my sewing machine trying to figure out how to do this. If it turns out good, you keep it, if it comes out looking like shirt, i have to wear it every time We meet again!

  4. 3) We plan a meal thematic to the case, and i invite you to dinner with my family, as We cook the meal and really digest this food for thought

No obligations for any of us to proceed at any stage!
You pay only for coffee and groceries
Let's see what We come up with

Ground Rules, to keep Grounded!

  • This is a safe space to play with ideas
  • I am not a counsellor, therapist, or even a (terribly professional) chef. (I am a pretty d@mn good cook)
  • I have nothing to sell you.
  • I have no intentions other than curiosity in connecting diverse ideas and Co-Creating in Collaborative Consciousness.
  • We learn skills and navigate the sea of information together, through dialogue and seeing what works, growing relationships in the safe play of ideas
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